Monday, April 19, 2010

When governments turn a blind eye to the "social harm" mining companies cause

Thanks goodness for the ABC's 4 Corners program. It continues to undertake essential investigative journalism, often shining the light on the murky world of corporate and government power in Australia.

Monday night's program "A Dirty Business" sheds light on the appalling silence and inaction by the NSW Government and the mining and power generation industries about the negative health and social consequences of their activities in the Upper Hunter Valley. Andrew Fowler's report asks whether emissions from coal mining and power generation are the cause of serious illness including serious respiratory problems, nervous system diseases, cardiovascular disease and liver disorders.

Andrew Fowler's report documents and describes what many in WA know well- the real social, human and environmental costs of this country's mining economy. What the program demonstrates once again, is the complete and utter disregard that governments and the mining and resources industry have for the the social harms the industry causes.

The desire of governments for mining royalties and of mining companies for massive profits overrides any other consideration, even people's health.

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